Welcome to the Yamuna ‘Face Ball’ method, a natural alternative to Botox, fillers or expensive creams full of promises.

Just as the skin, muscles and bones of your body need care to keep you at your peak, look your best and enable you to function optimally throughout life, the same is true of your face.

As we age, the bones of the skull begin to shrink; muscles of the face slacken, taking the skin with them. Yamuna Facial Therapy offers both cosmetic and health benefits by stimulating and aligning bone; activating muscle and increasing circulation and tone. The whole face is reawakened; eyes become more relaxed and open; brows lift; cheekbones and jawline become more defined and skin becomes brighter and more plump.

The younger someone starts this work the better chance they have of maintaining a wrinkle free relaxed face through the decades! This is a must for both men and women of every age.

The Treatment

Yamuna Facial Therapy Treatment

The treatment is individual to each client, addressing specific issues they may have based on their facial anatomy and stress patterns.

During the treatment your head rests on a larger neck ball while a smaller face ball is gently worked on your face. It will be held in set positions pressing through to the bone to stimulate and promote bone health, to provide fascia and muscle release and to increase the tone of the muscle and skin. To work the area of the jaw, chin and neck, the neck ball is swapped for a pillow to allow freedom of movement of the head to enable specific neck work towards the clavicle.

To end the treatment a Rehydrating Rose Oil by Neal’s Yard is applied to the face.

Yamuna Facial Therapy Treatment

The Benefits

Yamuna Face Ball Treatment Benefits

Yamuna Facial Therapy is a proven-effective, deeply therapeutic toning technique with many benefits. Not only does it lift and reawaken the face and help reduce fine lines. It also stimulates deep release affecting the whole skull providing relief from the effects of repetitive stress and sustained tension caused by: squinting; frowning; jaw clenching; teeth grinding; headaches and blocked sinuses..

At the end of one full session, your skin is brighter and your face appears fuller due to increased circulation. Results are seen immediately but benefits are cumulative with a course of treatments.

“I could not believe the visual difference when my wife returned after just one Yamuna session with Sharon, nor could my wife for that matter. Truly amazing and highly recommended.”