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Yamuna Facial Therapy Featured in the EDP

Yamuna Facial Therapy and Sharon Clark were recently featured in the Eastern Daily Press. You can read the article by clicking the link below.

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“Sharon's Yamuna Face Ball treatment left my brow looking uplifted; my eyes more open and my general expression fresher and relaxed, wiping years away; whilst my sinuses felt clearer and the tension I hold in my scalp and in my jaw simply dissolved. What a bonus!” ~ Lucy

“I could not believe the visual difference when my wife returned after just one Yamuna session with Sharon, nor could my wife for that matter. Truly amazing and highly recommended." ~ Mark

“I didn't realise how tense the muscles of my forehead were until Sharon released them. It feels like a workout for my face; I feel relaxed and lifted afterwards. Seeing is believing after just one session” ~ Joanne

“I've suffered with sinus problems and tinnitus most of my life and had surgery on my sinuses which only gave me a few years relief before the problem returned. After a course of Face Ball with Sharon, for the first time in my life my sinuses were clear and my tinnitus had stopped. The only downside I could see was I looked younger which annoyed my wife.” ~ Paul